" For me, Tikvah V'Chizuk has become a place where for the first time, I really feel understood. Having an eating disorder, especially in the Frum community, can be a very lonely and isolating experience. I would recommend Tikvah V'Chizuk to anyone who can use some support, a friend, or is just tired of feeling alone. You are not alone." -Gittel (TVC Support Group Member)

Welcome to Tikvah V'Chizuk! TVC offers support to families and friends of those suffering from an eating disorder– as well as the individuals themselves – within the Jewish community. As it is written in ירימהוּ (Jeremiah) " וישׁ תקוה לאחריתך" (And there is hope for your future) TVC is here to provide you not only with hope, but also with strength!